Javni Zavod Republike Slovenije za Varstvo Kulturne Dediscine


The Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia (IPCHS) is a national public institution established by the Slovenian State to carry out the public service pursuant to the Heritage Protection Act. It is responsible for the implementation of administrative and technical tasks relating to the protection of cultural heritage. Among other tasks, defined in the Heritage Protection Act, IPCHS: identifies, documents, studies and evaluates immovable heritage, as well as movable and intangible heritage in the context of immovable heritage; it implements conservation measures, takes care of the prevention of damage, interprets heritage for the general public to develop awareness of its value, carries out research projects in the field of heritage protection.

IPCHS has participated in a number of European Programmes including the ICT Policy Support Programme CARARE (Connecting Archaeology and Architecture in Europeana, Linked Heritage – Coordination of Standards and Technologies for the enrichment of Eropeana- funded under) Culture 2007 – 2013 (CEC - Cradles of European Culture, a European Network for Interpreting and Presenting Early Medieval Cultural Heritage), 7th Framework Programme (SYDDARTASYstem for Digitisation and Diagnosis in ART Applications, HEROMAT - Protection of Cultural Heritage Objects with Multifunctional Advanced Materials), Cross Border Programmes (PArSJAd – Archaeological Parks of Northern Adriatic, Shared Heritage - Strategic Project for Identification and Accessibility of Shared Cultural Heritage, Interarch Steiermark - Interactive Archaeological Heritage of Austrian and Slovenian Styria).

Tasks in LoCloud: developing specifications, development and testing of the geo-location enrichment tools (WP3), coordinating the contribution of Archaeological and Architectural heritage digital content (and related metadata) from Slovenia to Europeana.