Fundação Museu Nacional Ferroviário


The National Railway Museum Foundation (FMNF) is the heir to the railway museum traditions in Portugal, which dates back to the 1940s. The Foundation was founded by a Decree – Law of February 2005.

The objectives of the Foundation are the study, conservation and evaluation of the Portuguese historical, cultural and technological railway heritage and the creation and management of the National Railway Museum. To fulfil these objectives, the Foundation carries out scientific, historical and anthropological investigation, publishes books and magazines. The National Railway Museum Foundation also works on a digital archive and documentation centre, a technology and science experimentation centre and several technology-based innovative methods of collection display. The Foundation cooperates with the local municipality and the Regional Urban Authority and with the Portuguese Institute for Tourism as well as with schools, universities and higher education institutes. FMNF was a partner in EuropeanaLocal where it developed and managed a national network of archives, museums, libraries, and other cultural institutions.


Tasks in LoCloud: content provider for Portugal, testing new tools (WP3), disseminating information and raising awareness amongst local heritage stakeholders.