Biblioteka grada Beograda (Belgrade City Library)


The Belgrade City Library (BGB), is the biggest public library in Serbia. It comprises a central library, 13 municipal libraries and 70 branches. In 1987 BGB was the first public library in the country to automate some of its operations. Three major changes (and challenges) have been lately experienced by the city’s libraries: new technologies and the consequent potential for new services, the evolving demand of libraries’ users and librarians' new expectations in terms of education and training. The web environment (the library's website, an audioarchive and the OPAC – and Web 2.0 for Library 2.0 (Blogs –,, Libguides –, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter) are BGB’s main powerful tools. BGB participated in AccessIT, AccessIT Plus and Europeana Awareness as well as in earlier projects such as PULMAN-XT and CALIMERA, ensuring support and participation from other local institutions in Serbia.


Tasks in LoCloud: supply of content from Serbia, national dissemination (WP6), engaging small and medium-sized institutions and testing of tools developed in WP3.