Angewandte Informationstechnik Forschungsgesellschaft mbH


AIT is an Austrian software and research company founded in 1979. Research work is done primarily in  the field of information management (e.g. distributed databases, collection management and knowledge engineering). It is carried out within the EC (e.g. IST, Ten-Telecom etc.) action lines or on national and regional level. Research projects that AIT cooperated with or co-ordinated include: MOSAIC, COVAX, REGNET, Media. Alp, DISMARC, EuropeanaLocal and more. For the project OpenUp! AIT established the OAI-PMH interface and ingestion platform and is currently working on a concept for semantic enrichment and EDM data modelling of botanical and zoological research data. Further research work focuses on the provision of Web services for the cultural heritage domain, which are based on SKOS vocabulary representation. Implementations encompass the provision of vocabulary Web services as support process to the primary procedure ‘Cataloguing’ (implemented standards: ANSI/NISO Z39.19, ISO 2788:1986, and ISO-5964). In the area of semantic web technology AIT developed applications for the creation of Topic Maps (ISO/IEC 13250:2003). Another branch of research is concerned with the automated cultural heritage workflow implementation based on international standards (BPMN).

Tasks in LoCloud: contributing to the definition and development of the overall aggregation and the local data management system, including input to the system analysis with an analysis of user needs; testing and demonstration of the final system via a prototype installation; as content aggregator for Austria AIT, coordinating the testing of the LoCloud services by Austrian local heritage institutions; providing expertise  in developing data aggregation platforms and establishing vocabulary web services based on international standards.